A new day at The Art Center

Resident Constance Kiermaier launches her first Community Art Class

A new art class has been launched in our first-floor Art Center under the leadership of resident artist Constance Kiermaier.  Adult students from the Midcoast community will study drawing, painting, collage, color theory, and more.  The class remains small so that each student has an opportunity to learn and grow.  The first-floor Art Center includes classroom, library, a kitchen for water and easy cleanup, bathroom and a hallway gallery to show student work.

Our Art Center is the brainchild of artist/teacher Constance Kiermaier. Launched in 2017, the project originally provided art instruction to residents of Bartlett Woods exclusively.  Their finished works were hung in the hallway gallery for all to see.

Art making has been an important aspect of our year-round Activities Program.  We regularly support and celebrate all the arts – visual and performing – through in-house concerts, talks, exhibitions, and classes.  Now, we mark the beginning of an additional class for non-Bartlett Woods residents.  Exciting!

Additionally, Ms. Kiermaier is showing her own multimedia work in the first-floor spaces at Bartlett Woods until the end of December 2017.  Look for our next art exhibition opening in February 2018.

As we creatively reinvent the standard of retirement living, we hope you’ll stop by soon and see the beautiful fruits of our labor.


Written by guest blogger

Lori Schafer, Admissions & Marketing Director