August 2020

Here we are approaching the end of July…who would’ve thought we would still be battling this virus. At least here in Maine, right now, it appears we are winning. But the battle isn’t over yet. And here at Bartlett Woods we are definitely winning…but again that battle isn’t over either. We must stay the course to keep ahead of this virus.

It’s been a while since we published a blog… we’ve been busy! Each staff member has taken on more responsibilities to help wherever there is need. We have a great team of dedicated, compassionate, hardworking men and woman who truly care about the well being of every resident and their fellow staff members.

While we are still technically in “lock down”, we have many more freedoms than we did a few months ago. The residents are able to enjoy the ability to move around the building, both inside and out. Masks and social distancing are our best defense against Covid 19 and we make certain the residents are always practicing these guidelines.

Along with being able to socialize with their neighbors in the common areas within the building, they are enjoying so much more time outside on our beautiful grounds.

Several weeks back, the state gave the go ahead for face to face family visits. We were given a list of guidelines that we had to follow. The outcome has been our beautiful screened gazebo, where residents and their families can visit. They still wear masks and maintain the 6 foot distance. Visitors are screened for any symptoms and asked a number of questions regarding their health. Then they enjoy a visit outside under the gazebo, surrounded by flowers and loved ones. The smiles we see on their faces when they come back inside are priceless.

While things aren’t back to normal, we have adapted to our new normal. Everyone is grateful for what we have and thankful for being safe. We look forward to the day when we can welcome families and friends back to Bartlett Woods. We look forward to having our exercise instructors, musicians and speakers come back. We look forward to going shopping, scenic rides, out to eat, picnics and much more. That day will come….until then we keep fighting the good fight!

Covid 19 is not welcome at Bartlett Woods; we will fight until this virus is gone to keep it out.

We wear our masks and let our eyes show our smiles, we use words of compassion to show we care and we let our actions prove we are here for them.

Everyone can fight with us by doing one simple task….please WEAR YOUR MASK!

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!
Karen Tooley
Activities Director