November 17

I hope all who are reading this are healthy and well! It is tough times for sure! But we have stayed the course and have managed to keep the virus out of Bartlett Woods. We will continue this fight until the virus is gone! We thank all of our residents who have been tough and followed the guidelines to make sure we all stay healthy. It is a true team effort.

WE HAVE A NEW BUS!!!!! We are so excited to show off our brand new bus. While it looks a little ‘naked’ right now, I assure she will be beautifully dressed once it is safe to take her to the lettering shop. We are taking residents out for socially distanced scenic rides. We are limiting the trips to 5 people right now, using every other seat. These rides are a huge hit and the residents are so happy to get out and see different sights. Thankfully we have been blessed with some truly beautiful weather for November. If you see us on the road, be sure to toot and wave!
Bartlett Woods New Bus

In October we were able to set up indoor visitations. We created a beautiful space for families to visit. It’s been a huge hit. However, with cases climbing in Knox County, we have had to put those visits on hold for now. But don’t worry, they will be back.

Safe Activities at Bartlett WoodsHere come the holidays!! Ready or not, they are coming. This year Thanksgiving will look a little different for many people. Most families, we hope, are following CDC guidelines and celebrating with those who live in their home. That is exactly what we are doing here! Our kitchen will make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for all to enjoy. Many of our staff, who also aren’t able to be with their families, will be here to help make the day a little more special and help serve dinner.

While we aren’t able to bring live entertainment into the building, we are still able to provide some amazing digital concerts.

We are so excited to present the Portland Symphony Orchestra’s Bach and Brahms concert as well as “The Magic of Christmas” We have traveled a few times to Merrill Auditorium in Portland to see the Magic of Christmas and it is definitely one of the highlights of our Christmas Season. So, we are very excited that we can still see and hear the show right here at Bartlett Woods!

Along with the PSO’s concerts, we are reaching out to our many entertainers to see who is offering digital concerts this year. We hope to provide several different concert options.

Speaking of the holidays, if you follow us on Facebook, (and you really should!), you would know that we have already put up our Christmas tree in the parlor. We felt a little extra holiday cheer would be great for all! Right after Thanksgiving, we will begin putting up the rest of our trees and decorations. We plan to do a little extra decorating this year to bring out a little more holiday cheer.

We know this holiday season is going to be hard for many. The staff here at Bartlett Woods is committed to making these holidays as special as possible given the circumstances we are living in. While we may not share the same DNA, I assure you every resident is family to us.
Please stay safe, stay healthy and we can’t wait to see you all again!

Thank you
Karen Tooley/Activities Director