Goodbye 2020

I don’t believe we need to do the usual “year in review” for 2020. I honestly think we will not soon forget this year. What I feel we should focus on, so we DO remember, is how fortunate Bartlett Woods has been this year.

Every day the news was grim, more people infected with Covid 19, more people losing their lives to this ghastly virus. Yet every day was one more day Bartlett Woods fought the battle and won. We worked hard and the hard work is paying off. We kept Covid 19 out of Bartlett Woods.
This wasn’t done by one person, it wasn’t done by one policy, but it was done by EVERYONE who lives here, works here, and visits here or even delivers here. It has taken the entire community here to keep our residents and staff safe.

It has come at a great cost as well. Residents have missed their families and friends, who are so very important to them. Staff has missed their families and friends as well. Babies have been born, loved ones have passed, birthdays came and no celebrations were held. Holidays were spent alone. However, the cost was not in vain.

While the virus rages on, Bartlett Woods is standing strong against Covid 19. Our staff is just as, if not more, committed than ever to keep fighting. Our residents tell us regularly how thankful they are to be here, where they are safe. Those words keep us going.
As 2020 is coming to close we are still fighting the virus. However, we will start 2021 with the best defense against the virus. Bartlett Woods’ staff and residents will receive their first dose of the vaccine for Covid 19 on January 4th.

We want to thank everyone who has followed the guidelines, said prayers and just kept us in your thoughts. We all appreciate the love and support we have received. We will keep fighting until the virus is no longer a threat to our beloved residents who call Bartlett Woods home.
We wish everyone peace, health and happiness in 2021.

Happy New Year!
Karen Tooley/Activities Director