Fall Student Art Show 2023

Since 2016, The Art Center at Bartlett Woods has been an exciting place for students of all abilities. Under the direction of life-long artist and teacher Constance Kiermaier, who moved into Bartlett Woods in 2016, art students have enjoyed a weekly class designed to accommodate all or no experience. Because Constance has taught for a very long time, she is quite adept at tailoring interesting assignments to a highly diverse group of eager participants.

The Art Center was originally located on the 1st Floor, in a 2-bedroom apartment. Filled with north-facing light and ample space, Constance held class several days a week, for Bartlett residents and then later, for a small group of students from outside of our house. On any given class day, a visitor could find easels, paintbrushes, pads of paper, and assorted still life objects being put to creative use. More recently, the Art Center moved to the 3rd Floor, and includes a Print Room with a large press on loan from Constance’s family.

During Covid19, Constance taught via Zoom to masked students from her off-site “bubble”. Challenging assignments continued with the aid of staff member Lori Schafer on-site to help facilitate. Masked students were able to continue the momentum of a learning and making experience, and Constance was able to carry on teaching.

No matter which group of new students, Constance says,

”I try to engage students who don’t know anything about art making, or only know the basics . . . I try to get them to engage with their own thoughts about what they see and feel and know. It is my goal to try to get them to create on their own. We start simple, with a flat design that has color and patterns. We use simple tools, like acrylic paint (easier and cheaper than oil!), or ink. For example, I have used my heirloom Crazy Quilt as a source of inspiration.  What I love is the idea that they come in and WANT TO LEARN. It’s exciting for me, when during the course of the class, they come up with something they thought about, and it can be accomplished.”

About Teacher’s Assistant Allyson Lindsey . . .

Allyson has been making art all of her life. She met Constance at Bartlett Woods through her mother, our Business Manager Stephany Lindsey. Soon thereafter, Allyson began working as a Teacher’s Assistant. Allyson helps the Bartlett Students with setting up each weekly class, providing tools and support, and helping Constance maintain the classroom and the collection of student work. Allyson enjoys the weekly volunteer service she gives to the Art Center at Bartlett Woods, and appreciates the student-mentor relationship she has with Constance. She says,

”I love the years I’ve been with Constance and the residents.  They all give me wonderful new perspectives on my work and life in general! I wouldn’t have gotten out of my art block without Constance persistently egging me on, driving me to start back up.”

Constance says, “Allyson is a wonderful person, and such an enormous help to me. What’s more, she is very good at her own work, and I know she’ll do amazing things in the future.”

Bartlett Woods is pleased and proud to offer programs like the Art Center to our residents, and present exhibits like this

for families and friends to enjoy.


Mary Eads, Executive Director

October 6, 2023

A Bartlett Legacy: Works of art created by past and present residents of Bartlett Woods.

These nine artists demonstrate a wide range of themes, choice of materials, and impressive techniques. The 2- and 3-D work ranges from the 1960s to today.

During this, our 25th Anniversary Year, Bartlett Woods is so very pleased to display the sometimes hidden talents of our Bartlett Woods friends and neighbors. Participating artists are Anne Cronin, Davene Fahy, Barbara Haupt, Constance, Kiermaier, June Kincade, Nat Lewis, Sally Nataluk, Shirley Stenberg, and Deb Beckwith Winship.

We are grateful to all for the loan of their work to include in this special exhibition.

Please enjoy the show!

Mary Eads, Executive Director

October 6, 2023