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Thank you for visiting the Bartlett Woods blog. I am Mary Eads, the Executive Director, and bi-weekly I will be sharing my thoughts and inspiration as well as posting information about our retirement community that will inform our community, residents, family, and friends of the fabulous activities, upcoming events and fundraisers being held at Bartlett Woods.

Along with my own bi-weekly posts, I will also be adding posts written by our well respected staff here at Bartlett Woods covering a variety of different topics.

Please feel free to send suggestions, I would love to hear from you!


Bartlett Woods Outdoor Patio

Believing in Community

Believing in Community Thank you to our residents, their families and friends, our staff and their supportive families, our community vendors, the healthcare teams we work with, and the local and state officials we turn to for guidance. During this pandemic time, you continue to demonstrate your belief in Bartlett Woods. We are so grateful […]

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Goodbye 2020

I don’t believe we need to do the usual “year in review” for 2020. I honestly think we will not soon forget this year. What I feel we should focus on, so we DO remember, is how fortunate Bartlett Woods has been this year. Every day the news was grim, more people infected with Covid […]

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Christmas Tree at Bartlett Woods

November 17

I hope all who are reading this are healthy and well! It is tough times for sure! But we have stayed the course and have managed to keep the virus out of Bartlett Woods. We will continue this fight until the virus is gone! We thank all of our residents who have been tough and […]

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October 1, 2020

Wow, it’s the beginning of October and our world has not returned to normal. Or perhaps this is the new normal. Let’s hope this “new normal” doesn’t mind being short-lived. I remember the meeting our team of managers had in March when it was decided we would go on lock down for two weeks because […]

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August 2020

Here we are approaching the end of July…who would’ve thought we would still be battling this virus. At least here in Maine, right now, it appears we are winning. But the battle isn’t over yet. And here at Bartlett Woods we are definitely winning…but again that battle isn’t over either. We must stay the course […]

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Life looks different

Life looks different these days doesn’t it? Life at Bartlett Woods is different, but still good. While it’s true we are still under a “shelter in place” order and our residents are confined to their apartments we are good. Its difficult being isolated from family and friends, but it’s a good feeling to know our […]

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Life in “Lock Down”

As we all learn to adjust to the changing lifestyle we are living, here at Bartlett Woods our #1 priority is to keep our residents, your loved ones, healthy and happy. This means, we have closed our facility to visitors.  All staff members are screened daily to make certain we are symptom free and we […]

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Maine artist teaching at Bartlett Woods

Resident art teacher Constance Kiermaier was interviewed about her work and life teaching and living at Bartlett Woods to other resident students.

Resident art teacher Constance Kiermaier was interviewed about her work and life teaching and living at Bartlett Woods to other resident students. View the interview on News Center Maine here.

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Bartlett Woods Art

March 2020

We can only hope the “Luck ‘O the Irish” is on our side this month and brings spring early for us! While we have had a rather mild winter, for Maine, it’s still been long enough and we are ready to get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Until Mother Nature decides to play nice, […]

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February 2020

Hello February! You are one of my most favorite months! February is the last real wintery month, then comes March which brings us spring. J February is an uplifting month; it brings love to everyday life. Yes, I am a romantic at heart, but I really do love this month and this month’s activities calendar!! […]

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