It’s Spring!


It’s SPRING and I can hear the birds outside of my office window!


I want to share with you some of the plans we have been busy making.


Melina, our gardener is back and we look forward to the long awaited fresh flowers that she ensures surround Bartlett Woods each year.


Chef Aaron has been giving us lots of fun dining experiences over the month of March with plans of continuing the trend into April.  We recently enjoyed Italian ravioli day in our beautiful dining room which consisted of different varieties of ravioli accompanied by special sauces that residents were able to customize to their liking.  Salad and homemade garlic bread were included in the buffet as well as desert which I was too full to sample but was told was memorable.  A couple of weeks following ravioli day the dining room was transformed to mimic a New York deli where all of the fixings were laid out and everyone was able to create or order their own unique sandwich.  We have been promised many more special menus in the upcoming days and very much look forward to it.


The activities department has been busy making plans for the summer season with some really big shows, talks, and musical entertainment.  Karen and Darlene have scheduled a 21 piece jazz ensemble and hopefully the weather will give us a beautiful day to host an outdoor event.  We are most excited for a mystery dinner theater group that Karen is looking to schedule as a surprise event for our Bartlett Woods residents.


Today, we are looking forward to Mimi Edmunds, Documentary Producer, who will be speaking about her documentaries and the time she spent working with the “60 Minutes” broadcast.


Lastly, as always, we are anxiously waiting for DORMANS to open so we can enjoy our favorite coastal sweet treat!


Remember our art exhibit is still available for viewing every day from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm through June 2018.


Please stop by and say hello!