The Gardens at Bartlett Woods

Since our establishment in 1998, Bartlett Woods has worked with several gifted gardeners and landscapers to create the botanical oasis we call our campus. Our approximately four acres are filled with a diverse array of color, shape and beauty in every direction. Flora and fauna abound, both cultivated and native. Our Director Mary Eads has placed a high priority on outdoor therapy. Walking and sitting, book-reading and birdwatching, picnics and open air concerts are some of the many ways our residents experience our cultivated landscape. What’s more, the wild borders of our periphery provide shelter and nourishment for songbirds, wild turkeys, Mallard ducks and the occasional Whitetail Deer. Along our foot paths flowers, herbs and blueberries are grown for the picking. Of course, residents are encouraged to practice container gardening on their own balcony, which every apartment offers. And, our Executive Chef regularly harvests fresh herbs and other edibles from our Kitchen Garden.

One could say, here at Bartlett Woods we have a feast for the eyes and as well as the palate.