Life in “Lock Down”

As we all learn to adjust to the changing lifestyle we are living, here at Bartlett Woods our #1 priority is to keep our residents, your loved ones, healthy and happy.

This means, we have closed our facility to visitors.  All staff members are screened daily to make certain we are symptom free and we are washing our hands many, many times per day.
I’m sure you are wondering what the Activities Department does when the residents are all confined to their apartments.   Rest assured, we are here every day and interacting with your loved ones each day. Daily we go to each apartment with some sort of goody.  On St. Patrick’s Day we brought them each an Irish coffee and Shamrock cookies! On other days we have brought them each a little bag of hard candy and chocolate, we have also made popcorn.  Along with the treats we are offering jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word search, Sudoku, cryptograms and word scrambles. We are also checking books out of the library for them, offering DVD’s to watch and in some cases just visiting so they aren’t lonely.

We have lined up some music entertainment that will take place outside that they can enjoy on their balconies.  When the weather warms up, we will offer more outside entertainment.

We have played “Hallway Bingo” and have other “Hallway Activities” planned.  These events allow them to sit in their doorways and safely socialize with their neighbors.

Playing Bingo Bingo from a distance Winning at Bingo

We have also set up schedules for residents to go outside for short walks.

With our spring snow, we made a couple of snowmen for them to enjoy!

Building SnowmanMaine winter snowman

Life is certainly different then what we are all used to, but we are doing our part to slow the curve.

There will be no April Activities calendar on the website, please accept our apologies. We are planning activities day by day at this point, but rest assured we are all practicing social distancing.  The Activities Team personally sees each resident daily and makes certain they are content.

While we have our departments we work within, we are all one big team.   This means everyone pitches in where needed. This week Activities has been on trash duty as well as helped deliver snacks from the kitchen, but I promise we washed our hands in between. ☺

While we work hard to keep our residents safe and healthy, we wish the same for all of you.


Thank You

Karen Tooley

Activities Director