October 1, 2020

Wow, it’s the beginning of October and our world has not returned to normal. Or perhaps this is the new normal. Let’s hope this “new normal” doesn’t mind being short-lived.

I remember the meeting our team of managers had in March when it was decided we would go on lock down for two weeks because the virus had come to Maine. All residents were confined to their apartments and we, as staff, quickly realized our jobs were changing. But we also thought it would be short term. We thought by April for certain life would resume again. April turned into May, then June, July and August. Now as we are about to welcome October we are still here…keeping the virus at bay. Lock down now has a different meaning here. The residents, no longer confined to their apartments, are free to move about the building and grounds. Meals are being served in the dining room again, albeit in a slightly different manner. Nonetheless life has improved here over the last 6 months. Family visits are happening in our beautiful screen gazebo.

Through this whole process we all realized how strong we are. Residents especially, along with their families, have stayed the course. It’s been hard, it’s been heartbreaking at times, and it’s even been aggravating. However, the one sentence that everyone agrees on is; it’s worth it, because everyone is safe and healthy.
Bartlett Woods is its own community. And this community truly cares about their fellow residents. We see the ones who struggle with the changes, and right there beside them are their friends, fellow residents, keeping them going.

Perhaps there is more to this virus than just the sickness…perhaps this is society’s chance to turn itself around. We know it has slowed us down, allowed us more time with our family at home. We have seen the good in people shine brightly on the darkest of days. We have seen the caring and the kindness. Maybe, just maybe, the reset button has been pushed. Let’s not forget that we have the opportunity to continue with the kindness, caring and compassion we have seen over the last 6 months even after this virus is gone.

Thank you to all who are doing their part in keeping Bartlett Woods a safe, healthy and happy place to be, even in these uncertain times.
Karen Tooley/Activities Director